Night life

In Minsk, more than 100 different clubs and bars. There are two main pedestrian streets where they are located. Both are in the center and close to each other – st. Zybitskaya and st. Revolutionary – Interactive.

The most popular places you will find below.



“Moulin Rouge of show” is a club and restaurant rolled into one. So to fans bread and circuses — welcome! From the name to interiors and a show — everything sends to the well-known Parisian cabaret. The atmosphere in Minsk will be similar: bright holiday, effective dances and impetuous fun.


Black House Club opened in Minsk to become the first conceptual institution in the country and to show the international standards of show business. In the name of an institution the intrigue already is. On the one hand, it is “black” — the dominating color of an interior, on the other hand — club, tightens each guest. The space of this place plays all paints and transfers us to places, unpredictable for imagination. The club will be to the taste to beautiful and intelligent people who understand what is exclusive rest.


Gastropab Brooklyn — the place where the unique atmosphere of ease, pleasure and fun reigns. Friendly personnel, chef cuisine, unique cocktails, hot dances and parties — it isn’t necessary to wait for days off well to have a rest, in an institution we are glad to guests every day!


Crazy Horse — the restaurant club which is successfully combining a format of night entertaining life and traditional celebrations. An institution is distinguished by relaxed atmosphere, availability of a huge dance floor and an author’s show. Thanks to halls, capacious and universal in a form, it is possible to hold various events here as, for example, family holidays, weddings, dancing parties, and graduation parties, large-scale sports events and concerts. In total an institution is ready to accept to 1500 guests.


“Mama Stiflera” is a modern history on the most live street of the capital. The cozy bright interior, the most tasty masterpieces of the European and American cuisines, the rich bar card, a smoky hookah, sincere acoustic evenings are only a small part of what waits for guests of an institution.

“Mama Stiflera” — space for those who appreciate comfortable service, refined cuisine and a high quality format of rest. The bar has fully to distract from city bustle and to plunge into the world of a relax and new acquaintances. The place is divided into two zones: lounge-bar where suggest to have dinner/have supper tasty in the companies of live speeches of vocalists and a cover bands, and dancing-bar where bright show programs and unforgettable parties are carried out.


Lollipop — a premium class striptease club from founders of STIRLITZ spy bar. An institution distinguishes a thematic bias of an external image of personnel and also special surroundings and orientation of the main numbers in pin-up style. One more uniqueness a striptease club consists in a possibility of girls dancers to visit together with the guest restaurant “Drugoye the place” or a karaoke club of “Mackva” that are in one complex with Lollipop.


After heavy day of work time is very necessary to relax and put thoughts in order. An important role is played here by the choice of the correct place. And Hot Coffee House — the ideal choice.

The personnel of an institution are ready to provide to guests a full range of services in the organization of high-quality rest. Here it is possible to look at broadcast of a match on favourite sport, to communicate to friends under a glass of the cocktail made according to the author’s recipe, to play billiards and many other things. A highlight of an institution is the striptease show.

If there is a need to hold a seminar, a meeting with partners in an unofficial situation or just to communicate to colleagues, Hot Coffee House with pleasure will meet requirements of you, having provided the rooms where to you nobody will prevent to talk business in lease.


“Strip club Pin-code” – men’s club, class No. 1 premium in the Choice of Year nomination the Best club for Men 2016, 2017, 2018 in which the luxury is combined with faultless taste, recreated in distinguished details of an interior. The perfect sound, atmospheric lighting and a light show which has no analogs in Minsk and also exclusive entertainment programs, – do club by the ideal vacation spot. An institution was located in the convenient place, on Pobediteley Ave.

Institution harmoniously combines magnificent style of a decor and refinement of dishes. This sign place for respectable public which chooses comfort in the atmosphere of distinguished classics. The club differs in presentableness and a variety of both VIP zones, and halls for rest. On the spacious stage guests can observe at least than 14 at the same time dancing seductresses.

In each separate zone – the show which differs in the extraordinary brightness and luxury.

The striptease Strip club Pin-code club is the round-the-clock platform created for unique projects and festive actions with a capacity up to 60 people. Doors of an institution are open to the last guest.