Delegation Meeting

We guarantee the highest level of implementation of any business action, against a meeting of business partners in an unofficial situation to the organization of acceptance of foreign delegations.

The organization of a reception of delegations – exclusive service which we are glad to offer the clients.


For a meeting of your guests at the National airport Minsk-2 we offer a special service package, namely: the order of the skilled interpreter or group of translators, assistance in the choice and the order of a road transport with the driver for a transfer in hotel and movements on the city, further escort of delegation, additional services. As a rule, the host party puts quality and safety of movement of guests, interpretation implementation level, the thought-over schedule of a meeting of guests on the first place.

The offer on escort of delegations includes the following range of services:

– matching and order of the skilled interpreter (or groups of translators);
– the organization of a meeting of guests at the Minsk-2 airport (with an information display);
– transfer of guests from the airport in hotel or it is direct to the venue of negotiations;
– escort of guests during their stay in Minsk;
– the translation in case of implementation of business negotiations;
– transfer of guests in the airport after the visit.